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The Salt & Pepper Shaker Collection

The Story of the Salt and Pepper Shakers

When Ina's Kitchen opened on Webster Street in 1991, I bought a few pair of Salt and Pepper Shakers to brighten up the tabletop. It was nothing more than an impulsive purchase.

Customers really enjoyed them and started bringing them to us and in just a few weeks we had enough for every table! The collection grew and grew and when I ended my association with the restaurant, I left them behind.

In January of 2001, when I announced in the press that I was re-opening, new ones started arriving every day! Friends, family and especially former customers sent and brought old family treasures and adorable new ones for our tables. Some of our favorites appear in our salt and pepper collection.

I'm always asked if people 'take' them and I'm always so proud to say, "No, they BRING them!"

When you come in for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, feel free to wander the Dining Room to see them all!

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